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Get the Weave mug. A weave is added hair to one's' own hair. It is generally sewn or glued in. A weave may consist of synthetic, human, or Indian Hair extensions. Weaves come in all different colors and lengths. Many celebrities wear weaves.
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Weave Magazine, an American literary magazine based in Pittsburgh. Big Daddy Weave, a contemporary Christian band composed of Mike Weaver lead singer, Jay Weaver, Jeremy Redmon, Joe Shirk, and Brian Beihl. Weave and Spin, the first album by folk trio Lady Maisery.
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bob and weave idiom. duck and weave idiom. See all meanings. bob and weave idiom. duck and weave idiom. get weaving idiom. bob and weave, at duck and weave idiom. duck and weave, at bob and weave idiom. See all idiom meanings.
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Learn More About weave. Post the Definition of weave to Facebook Share the Definition of weave on Twitter Time Traveler for weave. The first known use of weave was before the 12th century. See more words from the same century.
GitHub - weaveworks/weave: Simple, resilient multi-host containers networking and more.
It extends and complements popular orchestrators, and enables developers and DevOps to realize faster deployments, insightful monitoring, visualization and networking. Weave Cloud is built using these Open Source projects: Weave Scope, a powerful container visualization tool that automatically maps Docker containers and their interactions, Weave Cortex, a horizontally-scalable version of Prometheus, and Weave Flux, a continuous deployment tool that works with Kubernetes.
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Etymology 1 edit. From Middle English weven to weave, from Old English wefan to weave, from Proto-West Germanic weban, from Proto-Germanic webaną, from Proto-Indo-European webʰ- to weave, braid. Cognate with Saterland Frisian weeuwe, West Frisian weve, Dutch weven, German weben, Danish væve, Swedish väva, Norwegian Nynorsk veva, Icelandic vefa.

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